Hannah Hulett has been a licensed practicing massage therapist since 2011, when she graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. She has years of experience working in a medical environment, working close with a chiropractor to help patients recover from motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries. She has also worked in a high volume spa setting where she worked with a wide variety of clients seeking relaxation and stress relief. Hannah started Hannabliss Massage & Bodywork so that she could bring wellness to her community by blending these two worlds of massage therapy into an experience that her clients can find both pain relief and blissful relaxation from. Her style incorporates soothing swedish techniques as well as treatment style deep tissue therapy and myofascial release blended together for a complete therapeutic yet blissfully relaxing experience. Many of her clients report being able to find deep rest and rejuvenation during sessions with her that last well after the treatment. Hannah's style is utterly nurturing to you and your body's needs and she will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is effective to help you overcome whatever is troubling you whether it is stress, muscle tension, headaches, sleep difficulties and insomnia, chronic pain, injury recovery, motor vehicle accident related injuries, immune system support, general supportive wellness or self care for your body and soul she will be there full of intention and support to help you meet your goals.  

When Hannah isn't helping other's heal through massage she fuels her other passions. She can often be found nose deep studying essential oils, distillation and the fine art of natural perfumery. She loves to be outside in the beautiful scenery of Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge playing with her pups and cooking tasty healthy food with her husband at home.



Hannah Hulett

Licensed Massage Therapist #18316


Hood River Massage Therapist

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