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1 hour massage $100
1.5 hour massage $140
2 hour massage $190
*Rates listed above reflect a discount for full payment made at time of service. The non discounted rate is $37.70 per 15 minute unit.
Cash, check, card, HSA/FSA cards or Venmo accepted.
Payment is due at the end of your session.

While tips are gratefully accepted and appreciated, they are never expected.
If you enjoy your session, reviews on Google, Yelp or Facebook are always appreciated.
Gift certificates are available for purchase.

Motor vehicle accident insurance billing available. Please discuss with your therapist when scheduling your appointment if you are seeking treatment for a Motor Vehicle Accident as extra insurance information and a doctor or chiropractor referral will be required before treatment.
Not currently in-network for health insurance plans, but a detailed receipt can be provided to you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.



Cancellation Policy


Please provide at least 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. This time is reserved for you and last minute cancellations or no shows prevent me from scheduling others.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of their total appointment cost. No shows will be charged 75% of their total appointment cost. An invoice for cancellations fees will be emailed to you and must be paid prior to scheduling your next session.
Cancellation fees may be waived for emergencies or weather/driving conditions. Cancellation fees are always waived due to illness and possibly contagious conditions (ie rashes, pink eye, first 5-7+ days of cold/flu symptoms, etc.). Please reschedule your appointment as soon as possible if you are ill or experiencing a contagious condition. All cancellation fees waived if due to COVID-19 illness, potential illness or possible exposure.


Arrival and Late Policy


Out of consideration to other clients who may be scheduled after you, please plan accordingly to show up to your appointment on time. This means 5-10 minutes early on your first appointment to have an intake discussing treatment before your session. If you arrive late to your scheduled appointment time, your session may be shortened to accommodate others whose appointment may be following yours. Regardless of the length of the session, you will still be responsible to pay for the full scheduled appointment.

Your appointment includes time for an intake to discuss your health considerations and treatment before the session, to disrobe/robe in private, your scheduled session time--unless shortened due to late arrival, and a brief outtake to check in after your bodywork and discuss recommendations for future treatment and self-care.

The office is located in the Marketplace building next to the Best Western Hotel and the Hood River Toll Bridge. Same parking lot as the hotel on the West side. Hannabliss Massage is located inside Ashi Massage. There is a large sign that says 'Ashi Massage' above the door. Give your therapist a text or call if you have any trouble locating the office. Free parking in parking lot.

Covid-19 Policy
As we continue to navigate life with the Covid-19 virus, I strive to keep my practice as accessible as I can to vulnerable populations. At my practice this looks like me wearing a medical grade KN95 mass in the smaller treatment room for the duration of the session to lessen overall exposure. If you would like me to mask for the intake and outtake process as well please ask and I am more than happy to accommodate.
I do not require clients to mask for their sessions, though you are more than welcome to if that feels most comfortable for you.
In the treatment room I run a HEPA air filter on high for the duration of the session and inbetween all sessions.
All surfaces touched by clients are cleaned with an EPA registered disinfectant. 
I continue to be vigilant about self-monitoring for any cold and flu symptoms leading up to any appointments. I will always reschedule to be on the safe side if I notice any symptoms and I ask all clients to do the same. Even mild colds can result in missed work and complicate life for you or myself so I try my best to limit the spread of all illness and I appreciate your help in doing the same.



If at all possible please arrive to your appointment freshly showered and free of strong bodily odors. Please refrain from wearing any cologne or perfume to your session as many of my clients as well as myself are sensitive to synthetic fragrance.

If you have any open sores/cuts/blisters/warts, please cover with a band aid before your session and let your therapist know during the intake so they can avoid these areas.

Coconut oil or Biotone massage lotion or cream may be used during the session, please note on your health intake and let your therapist know if you have any allergies/sensitivities.

Occasionally essential oils are used in a diffuser in the treatment room, so please be sure to inform your therapist and include on your health intake form any sensitives or allergies.


Appropriate Conduct

Please refrain from drinking alcohol before your session and inform your therapist of current medications and any lack of sensation due to them.

Any inappropriate conduct or requests of a sexual nature will not be tolerated. The session will end immediately and you will be expected to pay for your full session.

This is a licensed massage therapy practice and as such we follow all rules, laws, and professional ethics put forth by Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Board of Massage Therapy for licensed massage therapists.

If disrobing for a session, you will be draped and at no time will genitalia or breast tissue be exposed. Requests for undraped massage will not be tolerated.

Therapist or client may end the session at any time for any reason.

Scope of Practice

By law, licensed massage therapists cannot diagnose, perform chiropractic adjustments or give medical advice outside of their scope. Appropriate referrals will be made if necessary. Doctor's notes may be required before treatment for some conditions.

Considerations for your massage session:

Please know that disrobing to your comfort level for a session means just that. While some techniques and modalities are much more effective performed on skin,  with or without oil, with access to large muscle groups without needing to work around clothing, the best massage you can receive is one where you feel safe and comfortable. Please know that while you may decide to fully disrobe, you can absolutely choose to leave on undergarments or any clothing item, at any time. Modalities and techniques will be adjusted to suit your comfort level.

Please inform your therapist immediately if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort during a session so that technique, pressure or temperature can be adjusted. This is your session and by no means should you be holding your breath and gritting your teeth from discomfort or pain. While sometimes there may be intense sensation as tissues release, this is not synonymous with pain signals that are over your tolerance or threshold, which can signal to your body's nervous system that you are unsafe and is not conducive for effective massage. The 'no pain no gain philosophy' does not apply here with bodywork, so please feel empowered to share with your therapist your preferences for what works best for your unique body, no offense taken, ever!

During your session, know that this is your time and there is no obligation whatsoever to start or carry a conversation. Your therapist will check in with you occasionally to make sure the techniques or pressure are comfortable but silence is absolutely respected and in fact appreciated here. While your therapist loves to get to know you, quiet is valued here and seen as honoring this time for you to step into the present and tune into your body and breath. Conversation or quiet time is your choice during your session, though do note that at times, your therapist may gently guide you back to your breath or the sensations in your body. 

If at all possible consider not having that extra cup of coffee right before your session. Caffeine can be activating for your nervous system and massage presents us with a unique opportunity to slow down with the hopes of stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system or rest and digest. In addition, coffee is a diuretic and when paired with the effect massage can have on promoting our systems to rid cellular waste, your session might be interrupted with needing to make a trip to the bathroom. Fear not if that is the case though and please do let your therapist know instead of suffering silently! We are in the business of bodies here so natural body functions are expected and respected. 

Do consider drinking plenty of water leading up to and after your session. On average our bodies are made up of about 60% water which functions as a building block of cells, lubricates our joints and connective tissues, regulates our body temperature, carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells, acts as an insulator to our brain, spinal cord and organs by absorbing shock, flushes cellular waste and toxins from the body and so much more! Staying hydrated is one way we can help regulate and support our bodily systems. Arriving to your session hydrated will help your connective tissues have better plasticity, thus responding better to the treatment and leaving you less sore. Hydrating after the session will continue to aid your body's waste removal system and replenish your tissues.

If at all possible please avoid strenuous activity or exercise after your session to give your body a chance to integrate any changes to tissue plasticity and holding patterns. If you are able, commit to a day of self care the day of your session by leaning into supportive self care after your session such as going for a walk or gentle hike, taking an epsom salt bath, or getting to bed early. 


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